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Signia now brings you a primax star portfolio that covers all your patients’ needs.

To deliver a superior listening experience even at the Essential level, our new 2px and 1px hearing aids offer these top features:

  • SPEECH enables effortless hearing and speech understanding in every situation.
  • primaxFit reduces the need for adjustments and optimizes the fitting process.
  • The touchControl App delivers free and discreet remote control.
  • All Signia hearing aids with primax star technology are TeleCare ready for smoother, faster and successful trials.

And the introduction of Cellion primax and Silk primax hearing aids at new performance levels offers unprecedented options in terms of rechargeability and instant-fit ITEs.

Our primax star line-up:


Ace primax.

This tiny RIC combines the three main elements of discretion: tiny size, automatic functionality and remote control options.


Pure primax.

This RIC hearing aid offers your tech-savvy customers outstanding sound and comfort coupled with remote control and full connectivity for audio streaming.


Cellion primax.

Now available from 2px to 7px so you can offer revolutionary battery-free hearing to even more of your clients. The inductively charged lithium-ion power cell allows for 24 hours continuous streaming and is as easy to recharge as an electric toothbrush.


Motion primax.

This broad and versatile family of BTEs provides a solution for almost every ear and every hearing loss with remote control and full connectivity for audio streaming.


Silk primax.

Provide the smoothest, fastest ITE fittings to even more of your customers: Thanks to our flexible, silicone Click Sleeves, Silk primax Click models offer a precise fit and improved sound quality. They are ideal for first-time wearers looking for a discreet on-the-spot solution without any fuss.


Insio primax.

Tailor-made for discerning wearers, Insio primax offers the ultimate in discretion and performance – from ITEs to ITCs and CICs to tiny IICs – and can be controlled remotely for maximum discretion