primax product portfolio:

Effortless hearing across the range.

Whatever the situation, whatever your customer’s preference – whether it’s RIC, BTE or ITE – with primax you can offer them the natural ease of listening all day long.

The outstanding primax hearing aid technology is available in the performance levels 7px, 5px and 3px. From Ace primax™ and Pure primax™ RICs to the Motion primax™ standard BTEs and Insio primax™ ITEs, there’s a perfect hearing aid for almost every hearing loss. Plus, with its CROS Pure solution, primax also offers wearers with unaidable hearing loss in one ear easier all round hearing.

In addition, there’s a range of advanced accessories available for these new hearing aids. With their extended connectivity options to external devices via easyTek, or discreet remote control of the hearing aids via the touchControl App™ and easyTek App™, primax makes life even easier for wearers.