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In brief:

  • TeleCare Portal
    • Access to datalogging information
      • Wearing time
      • Acoustical environment distribution
      • Program usage
  • Access to real-time hearing aid status
    • Current battery status
    • Current program selection
    • Volume and SoundBalance changes
  • myHearing App
    • Hearing statistics
      • Wearing time
      • Sound Exposure
      • Hearing Support

The benefit, of these advanced features, is that you are better able to follow your patient’s progress more closely and can more accurately assess any challenging situation they might find themselves in.

Please note: Bluetooth connectivity is currently only supported for iOS (Apple) mobile devices.

1. Enhanced transparency, to the patient journey, in the TeleCare Portal

Pure 13 BT hearing instruments, combined with Signia TeleCare, provides an even greater understanding of your patient’s overall hearing experience by allowing access to hearing instrument data directly in your TeleCare Portal.

1.1. Wearing time

Assess your patient’s daily wearing time to determine whether or not they are following your recommendation throughout their trial.


1.2 Usage Details

Review how frequently the patient accesses any additional programs and the acoustical environments your patient is typically exposed to throughout their day.


Please note: the information displayed here is based solely on the data received from the myHearing App and will span a period of 3 days.

1.3. Situational data snapshots for hearing lessons

Any time your patient completes a hearing lesson, a ‘snapshot’ is taken of the hearing instrument settings and the current listening environment. This information can be viewed in, the TeleCare Portal[1], to provide complete visibility to the patient’s situation when the hearing lesson was completed. The ‘snapshot’ includes the following information:

  • eWindscreen
  • Average noise level (calculated over previous 15 minutes)
  • Own Voice setting
  • Current program
  • Volume setting
  • SoundBalance setting
  • Current Acoustical Environment (calculated over previous 15 minutes)

[1] This requires the hearing aids to be paired with the patient’s phone and myHearing App (the myHearing App needs to be installed and active).

1.4. Last device status

To assess the patient’s current situation, at any given time, select  ‘Remote Fine Tuning’ in the patient profile. This comprises the same information as described (above) for data snapshots.

2. Superior patient experience with myHearing App

2.1. Patient self-assessment with “My Hearing Statistics“

As long as the patient’s Pure 13 BT device is paired with the patient´s phone and the myHearing App is active, the patient’s mobile device collects data from the patient’s hearing instruments at regular intervals.  At any time, the patient can review their wearing time, sound exposure, and hearing support.

This data is made available in an aggregated fashion via the myHearing App in the new “My Hearing Statistics” screen:  My Hearing Aid > My Statistics.

Insight to the progress of their own hearing success has been designed to provide encouragement and motivation for your patient.