Sivantos presents new hearing aid platform primax

The new hearing aid platform primax is clinically proven* to significantly reduce the listening effort for the hearing impaired. Understanding speech is easier than ever. Music can be enjoyed in HD quality.

The new hearing aid platform primax is clinically proven1 to significantly reduce the listening effort for the hearing impaired. Understanding speech is easier than ever. Music can be enjoyed in HD quality.

Top priority: Understanding speech better

Improving speech understanding has been Sivantos’ top priority for a long time, since this is the wish of most hearing aid wearers. With the last hearing aid platform binax, users were already clinically proven to hear even better than people with normal hearing in particularly challenging hearing situations, such as the cocktail party situation2. The new platform primax now makes it much easier to understand speech in virtually all everyday listening situations. This significantly reduces the listening effort for the hearing impaired, which has also been clinically proven*.

SPEECH: Effortlessly hear your conversation partner

The most important function of the new platform is the SPEECH. It continuously evaluates all acoustic signals coming into the right and left hearing aid. In simultaneous processes, it attenuates background noise that, for example, results from traffic or wind. At the same time, it focuses on the speech signals of the conversation partner, which it singles out clearly from all other noise, even from competing speech. The result is audible and was successfully tested in many everyday hearing situations.

HD music: Full rich sound

Hearing aids with primax technology now make it possible for the hearing impaired to enjoy music undiluted. Regardless of whether one is attending a live concert or listening to a CD in one’s own home. The newly developed high definition (HD) music programs cater to different listening preferences. Even hearing impaired singers or musicians are supported during their live performances by a special program.

EchoShield: Clear and distinct speech, even with reverberation

Especially in large high rooms, such as hotel foyers, acoustic effects from reverberation impair speech comprehension. Hearing aids with primax technology now have a newly developed feature, the EchoShield, which reduces disruptive effects and at the same time clearly singles out the speech of a hotel receptionist, for example.

TwinPhone: Make telephone calls

Many hearing aid models from Sivantos previously offered convenient options for supporting hearing aid wearers when making telephone calls. The accessory easyTek, for example, connects hearing aids to smartphones and telephones via Bluetooth and transmits the sound directly into the hearing aids. Making telephone calls got even easier with TwinPhone. Hearing aid wearers can simply hold any telephone to their ear and the sound is – presuming hearing aids on both ears – automatically transferred to both hearing aids.

CROS and BiCROS care: Hear more and better

People who have un-aidable hearing loss in one ear can also be successfully fitted. With a CROS Pure device on this ear, the acoustic signals on this side are wirelessly transmitted to a hearing aid with primax technology on the other ear. This CROS solution ensures that the afflicted person does not miss any sounds and voices from the untreatable side. However, if the other ear also has difficulty hearing, with the BiCROS device the hearing aid with primax technology records the signals from both sides and processes them. The hearing advantages of the new platform can even benefit people with deafness on one side.

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1 Study conducted at the University of Northern Colorado, 2015, examined the effectiveness of the new features of primax by collecting and analyzing ongoing EEG data while subjects performed speech testing. For both primax features SPEECH and EchoShield, the objective brain behavior measures revealed a significant reduction in listening effort when the feature was activated.

2 Two independent clinical studies have shown that binax can even exceed normal hearing in certain challenging hearing situations (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hearing Center, 2013)